IFWA Is present at the International conference “Insects to Feed the World” in China

May 2018

Marc Kenis and Saidou Nacambo represented IFWA at the “Insects to Feed the World” Conference in Wuhan, China, on May 15-18, 2018. Marc gave a talk on “Use of house flies as poultry feed by smallholder farmers in West Africa: prospects and constraints”. Saidou presented a poster entitled “Improving termite collection for poultry feed in smallholder farms in Northern Burkina Faso”. All abstracts of the conference can be found in a special issue of the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed.

Marc and Saidou in Wuhan, with Gabriela Maciel-Vergara and Emilie Devic, two former students in the Proteinsect project who helped developing the fly production systems presently being used in IFWA.

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