A New IFWA doctor in Burkina Faso

Ibrahima Traoré, PhD student of the University Nazi Boni in Burkina Faso, successfully defended his thesis in Bobo-Dioulasso on 10 March 2022. The title of his thesis was:

Évaluation de la qualité nutritionnelle des larves de la mouche domestique (Musca domestica, L.) et des termites (Macrotermes sp.) utilisés dans l’alimentation des poulets (Gallus domesticus, L.) et des pintades (Numida meleagris, L.) locaux au Burkina Faso

Evaluation of the nutritional quality of housefly larvae (Musca domestica, L.) and termites (Macrotermes sp.) used in the diet of local chickens (Gallus domesticus, L.) and guinea fowls (Numida meleagris, L.) in Burkina Faso

Congratulations to Ibrahima and his supervisors.

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